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I have returned from the wilds of Idaho! Ok, so it really isn’t all *that* wild in Idaho–my cousin was getting after me to make sure I gave a good impression of Idaho. Aside from the ticks, it was actually quite lovely. And, considering the fact that I only ever saw one tick while I was there and it was crawling on my Dad and NOT on ME–it really wasn’t a big issue. ;)

And now…for the important business of the day!

I know you are all waiting with excitement and much holding of breath for the outcome of the giveaway. And I know that this is, what, 4? days after the giveaway ended….but, bear with me. I didn’t have internet access very much in Idaho, and I drove 14 hours home yesterday. And then I didn’t feel like it needed to sleep last night.

But! But, now I have the time.

I feel like prolonging the agony fun, though, and only announcing one winner right now.

To pick this winner, I dotted my way over to that place in the interwebs world where many bloggers gone before me have picked their giveaway winners:

I typed my numbers into the little white boxes staring back at me. I hummed a little tune. I stroked my hair a few times. I positioned my pointer in place over The Button.

Generate a random number!


“Ah, 14’s a good number. Very solid. Very nice, very nice. It’s a green number, which definitely bodes well for whoever it is.”

I went to the post and scrolled down through the comments, slowly counting, smiling over the faces and names that were scrolling past my screen.

Oh, who would win?

Excitement built. Excitement built some more. (check out that tactic I used, there–I should definitely write a thriller, don’t you think?)


HannahGirl on May 28, 2011 at 9:41 am said:
Beautiful blog post, Grace! :) I’m honored to participate.
Will be RTing your twitter about this momentarily…

HANNAH! I like your name. ;) I am SO thrilled that you won the first of these CDs! SO thrilled. And now I get to send you something! To your mailbox! Email me your address, dear, and I’ll get this in the mail as soon as I can!

Dear Other Winner: Don’t give up hope! I’m going to write out all the names, put them in my hat, and rustle around in there until I have found yours, and then I will pull it out, gaze fondly upon it, so happy that it’s you. Then I will take a picture and post it here along with your comment. Keep checking back! The second CD of my giveaway will be in your mailbox soon, and you will find yourself falling, falling for these sweet little voices.


(If I don’t hear from the winner within 38 hours and 14 minutes, I will have to pick a new winner–don’t hold out on me, Hannah!)

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