To my dear Abigail – Happy Birthday

It’s someone’s birthday today!

I want to write something lovely for this lovely girl – something that can somehow convey the love I have for her, how special she is, and the true beauty I see in her.

I am not exceptionally skilled at writing – but here is a 10-minute-long attempt at . . . something.

Abby. (alternately titled: “Don’t Judge Me By My Sonnet Writing Skills”)

ABIGAIL -There is joy in the very name.
My fairest friend, thou canst never be old;
Tho’ another calender day be passed
Still I know that in the depths of thy being
Beats a heart merry and young.
Standing on the thresh-hold looking 24 in the eye:
Who will conquer – Age or Abby?
With strength and poise, thou risest to meet the year;
Headlong thou plungest into life – making each day
Jealous of the one to follow.
No wrinkle or line can ever thy beauty diminish
On the outside or in.
With humor and frugality thou livest thy life–
Broken yellow chair? Damaged picture frame?
Nothing passes without the scrutiny of thy crafty eye.
Tho’ this paltry piece of literature which will
Never grace the pages of a book
Can never begin to tell of the beauty I see in thee,
The love I have for thee,
The gratitude I have for our friendship–
It can begin to tell of the memories of which I can but try to scratch the surface:
Gibson Chronicles.
Summer salad.
Voluminous correspondences.
Whispered secrets.
Life-changing ventures.
Midnight excursions.
Tire-shop gents.
Bex’s hair.
Chinese food.
Muffin hats.
Little cabin in the big woods.
Oswald the ghost.
Sherlock Holmes.
Gibson Day.
Bible study.
Getting snowed in.
Yahoo chats.
“Rissa on a white horse.”
The rap.
Tears and prayers.
Sonic runs.
The importance of being earnest.
“Eek! A mouse!”
The drones club.
Snowball fights.
Ice skating.
Burnt offerings.
The tragedy at the hammock.
“Then Abby never writ, and Tony never loved.”

Happy Birthday, darling.


3 thoughts on “To my dear Abigail – Happy Birthday

  1. AHHH! I was just leisurely clicking through the blogs I follow…and came across this! The grin spreading across my face threatens to split it clean in half.

    I love this. I love you. You are an amazing friend. Thank you so much, dearest Grace! *glomp*


  2. Aww! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! I think you are an exceptional impromptu writer dear Grace! And I love this poem for our darling Abigail!!! Happy Birthday lovely, you radiate joy and have a way of making all people fall in love with you!!

  3. That was adorable. And I can assure you that it will grace the pages of a book… your biography, when I write it someday. ;-)

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