Wednesday Evening At The Local Coffee Shop

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one in this series of blog posts!

I have so many drafts in my drafts folder right now–the words are many in my head, but they turn into vapid nothingness when I try to put them into words on a page. I literally write things in my head all the time–speeches (I secretly love public speaking), songs (instrumentals and ones with lyrics), stories, vignettes, blog posts, poems, dialogues. I can’t help it . . . it’s just how my mind works. But then I go through these times where the words just don’t come out. I don’t like those times because then there gets to be a log-jam in my head and . . . things go downhill from there.

I am working on another video post, though. I thought I’d give you fair warning.

Ok, on to the actual point of this post.

Here I am at ‘my’ coffee shop. It’s Wednesday evening instead of the usual Tuesday, but Tuesday evenings are now taken up by our weekly staff meeting. So, Wednesday it is!

It’s a great evening to be at this particular coffee shop.

When I first got here, there was a sweet young family with a little boy in tow, and they’d brought along Grandma, too. The little boy was hopping around on the little corner stage and was, at his parents urging, “preaching” to the other patrons of the coffee shop–myself and one other young man. It was really adorable. And he was very passionate about “my Jesus–the one I love the MOSTEST!”

The other young gent who was the only other patron at the time was sitting on a couch to my right and was deeply engrossed in reading his Bible–Hebrews, he told me.

Since I’ve been sitting here, three other young men–one slightly older–have joined him, and they are now sitting around a small table to my left and are sharing what they’ve studied and learned through the week. “Everything we do is to be done in Christ! Not just when we are actually reading the Bible or praying–no, every single thing we do is done inside of our relationship with Christ. That totally got me this week, and I haven’t been able to get away from the reality of that. And I don’t want to get away from that reality.”

And directly across the room is another couple chaps–an older gentleman and a younger. The older is doing a fantastic job of encouraging the younger man in his walk with God.

And just now as I’m typing this, a sweet girl walked by me, seated herself on one of the couches to my right, and has pulled out her Bible and journal.

There is literally no one in this coffee shop right now except the baristas who are not pouring over the Scriptures, praying together, or encouraging one another in Christ.

It’s a beautiful thing.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Evening At The Local Coffee Shop

  1. I love your coffee shop posts there are so encouraging and poetic! What a special night of everyone studying the Word! =D

  2. oh Grace…that sounds like a fantastic coffee shop. really? so many people in love with Jesus and all in one place? beautiful! I agree with Lexi too – I LOVE your coffee shop posts. :) love you girl, and thank you for encouraging me!

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