Beauty In Pain – update

I realized the other day that after writing this post, I never gave another update about how things are going.

My sister has since had surgery and has pretty much fully recovered from it. The doctors were going to test for cancer during the surgery just to make sure that that’s what it was–but as soon as they started the surgery, they could tell it was definitely cancer and just went ahead with the complete procedure. Praise the Lord, they were able to guarantee that the cancer had not spread to any further in her body, and after a radiation treatment coming up in September, the prognosis is that she will be completely cancer free. And that doesn’t just mean that the cancer will be in remission–it will be completely eradicated from her body. Thank You, Jesus!

There’s still a journey ahead with the radiation treatment, though–possibly the hardest part of the journey yet. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. It’s been a beautiful time, and I know that what is to come will be beautiful because it will draw us all closer to the feet of Jesus–and that is beauty. But it’s also been a journey that none of us ever thought we would be walking through . . .

And it’s hard when a mama has to be separated for even a short period of time from children who are too young to understand.

Thank you all for your sweet care and love!

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