Coming Soon!

Ok, there are a few things coming soon to….something….near you!


Coming soon to this blog:

Another giveaway! Whoo! I’m so excited. SO excited. The reason I’m not doing it yet is explained in my next point.


Coming soon to your mailbox (if you won the last giveaway):

Yes, I know. It’s been ages since I said I’d get those His Little Feet Cds in the mail to you girls that won (Hi, Hillary and Hannah!!) . . . but, I promise that they really are coming soon! And I refuse to do another giveaway until those ones are in the mail.


Coming soon to your web browser (possibly):

I’m contemplating starting an Etsy store (I actually already have one), but this one I have specific ideas for and specific ideas for what will be done with the money. Would any of you be interested in buying anything if I started an Etsy store and sold things with all proceeds going to either a specific ministry which I would go rather in-depth-ly into, or to supporting a mission trip, or something?


Coming soon to my YouTube channel:

Another video post. That’s right. You’re all going to be forced to hear how I feel about being stalked. Prepare yourselves.


Coming soon to my basement:

A roommate! A very, very dear friend of mine–Rachel B.–is moving into my basement with me! She is currently across the room making holes in the wall. She bought a flower for our room, and I think we should name it–I’m taking ideas for a name for our orchid! She’s such a kindred spirit and I love her dearly. A sweeter more given-to-the-Lord girl you’ve never met . . . what a sweet time we’ll have together! Also, we had been down here together for not more than 10 minutes today when we were quoting Anne of Green Gables at each other–we’ll get along splendidly, methinks.


Coming soon to a campus in small-town Colorado:

A whole lot of cowboys. That’s right. Tonight is our semester-ly outing to our dear neighbor’s bonfire across the lake with the Ellerslie students–western wear required. Everyone gets completely decked out in western gear and we trek across the fields to the barn and have a regular old hoe-down together. It’s a blast, and I think tonight we’re having a special surprise. I can’t tell you what it is, though, because I think some of our current students read my blog and they’ll be on the internet within half an hour–and then they’d KNOW. Can’t have any of that happening!


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