I Have A Friend

(take note: some of these may apply to more than one person)

I have a friend who:

…shares a lot of the same passions God has given me.

…has a “sad lip”.

…has a spontaneous streak that corresponds perfectly with my own.

…goes around roundabouts at Great and Terrible Speeds in a desperate attempt to avoid the police.

…I meet with every Thursday morning and those times rank as a definite highlight of my week.

…is also my chiropractor.

…tells me I would be cute even if I was bald. (true love, that.)

…I haven’t seen in way too long. (this applies to most of you.)

…plays the violin so beautifully that I get a wonderful ache deep inside as I listen to her play.

…understands what I mean when I say “I think in color.” (Synesthetes, unite!)

…is going to be a mama pretty soon, and who I am so thrilled for!

…spurs me every day further into Christ by her constant and unwavering dependency on the Rock which is Christ.

…I had a DQ date with and we sat in the sketchy dark, secluded parking lot with the light on. And felt slightly insecure.

…tells me nicer things about my blog than are probably true.

…can totally rock an afro wig.

…I have not yet met in person, but love dearly, nonetheless.

…is one of the original group of “Accessories”–Therapy Thursday, anyone?

…is the other member of the original group of “Accessories”–chips and Top Up!

…I think needs to come back to an Outreach at Ellerslie and help me paint some more walls. Preferably green. (It’s the perfect color still!)

…who is nearly as uncontrollable around grapes as I am.

…prays with and for me.

…should probably curtail her addiction to Spooners.

…should give me some of her clothes.

…can’t keep a potted plant alive. At all. No matter what.

…is the birth-mother to the darling-est little boy ever.

…should update their blog more often.

…has 8 young children, was recently diagnosed with cancer, and who I’m blessed to call my sister.

…just bought a one-way ticket to Uganda. SO excited for you!

6 thoughts on “I Have A Friend

  1. The one about not seeing in waaaaay to long . . . I know you were thinking dreamy thoughts of seeing me. Ha!

  2. I think I am either highly insecure and paranoid OR quite a few of these WERE about me! And I meant to comment on this post a while ago and am just not getting around to doing it. However, I am commenting which is a big deal…for me…;-)

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