Wednesday Evening At The Local Coffee Shop

Well, for starters…I’m just about to leave the coffee shop. And it’s barely evening. But I’ve been here for….5 hours. Five hours plus. So, really, this should be titled “Wednesday Afternoon At The Local Coffee Shop” . . . but that isn’t in accordance with the rest of the titles in this series, so I’m going to name it what it is always named–and then explain the part where it isn’t technically accurate. That’s being honest, right?

Also, in case you’re still hung up on the “5+ hours” thing . . . I’ve been doing intense studying that whole time and preparing some things for graduation and honestly lost track of time. It’s nearing 8:00pm and I haven’t eaten dinner, or gotten out of this brown rocking chair, or taken the earbuds out of my ears (Yiruma!), or stretched the old legs, or anything since I’ve gotten here.

Ok, I did pull my earbuds out when a girl asked me if I was here for a Bible study with “Jennifer”. It sounded intriguing, but I had to say no . . .

And I did get up and walk across the room one time. Once. In five hours. No wonder my knees are hollering loudly right now. I bet it’s bothering the other patrons.

Speaking of “other patrons”, let’s get to the point of this post:

Mr. Barista (there are usually two different ones here–but one is missing tonight. Where are you, buddy? It isn’t the same without you here…I’m out of my groove!) is in fine form tonight. And he brought his girl to work with him. And they are eating chinese food together since there is no one for him to be making coffee for currently. He has Christmas music playing…seriously. A minute ago it was “Deck The Halls.” Right now it is “The Little Drummer Boy.”

A little bit ago there was a chappy who was using one of the provided computers over across the room. He sat there browsing for quite some time . . . and then he suddenly got up, procured a ladder, and headed for the router. It wasn’t long before my internet went down and I squinted my eyes across the room at him suspiciously. It was totally his fault. He messed around up there for awhile, plugging and unplugging phone cords, and then put his ladder away and walked out of the building. I had assumed he was a customer, but . . . since when do customers have router privileges? So, I now assume he wasn’t a customer. Maybe he was a ….plainclothes internet-fixer-person. Are there non-plainclothes internet-fixer-people? Huh… And if he wasn’t an internet-fixer-person, plainclothes or otherwise, I’m totally going to mess with the router next time I’m here.

There really isn’t much going on in here right at this moment.

There are two gentlemen across the room who are discussing….something. They’re a little spastic. One of them just got up and walked across the room to get a glass of water. On his way back to his friend, he was wheezing a little and said “Dude, I’ve been talking so fast for the past two hours that I, like, don’t have a voice.” Mhmm. You have been, buddy. I’ve been hearing you ABOVE the sound of my music. He was teaching his buddy about something. I think they’re in a multi-level marketing business, and the one is teaching the other. So, he did a two hour presentation and talked very fast the whole time. They just now stood up and they have matching bright yellow messenger bags. Is this a requirement for this multi-level company? ‘Cause if it is, I’m so in.

Earlier there was a middle-aged couple here for a few hours. She was embroidering something (it was really intricate), and he was alternately reading aloud to her and typing madly away. I’m not sure if what I was hearing him read aloud was the makings of the next best-seller, or what, but she was very supportive of his efforts. It was sweet.

And just a little bit ago, there were two other fellows in here–one older, and one younger. The older was in some sort of discipleship/mentor role to the younger one, and he wasn’t about to let anything slide in the younger fellow’s life. He had the younger fellow making lists of things that needed to be worked on in his life, what he was going to do to move forward in these things, what role does God play in working on these things, and …”uh…actually, God is not only to be the center of your life, He is to permeate every part of it. He is your life if you profess to have surrendered your life to Him. Is this true of your life? Does the Lord permeate every single aspect of every single day?” It was good stuff he was saying, but the dinging of his iPad was rather distracting. I’m not sure what it was, but . . . he kept having timers going off.

Oh! Just now the fellow from this blog post (the one who was having a Bible Study with three younger guys) just walked in. He put a few tables together, and already two other younger men have joined him. I’m too far across the room to hear anything (I know, I make it sound like I eavesdrop on everything going on–I really don’t! Sound carries in this place….really), but they’re pulling their Bibles out and digging in already–even as I’m typing this. I wanted to talk to the leader guy before the other guys got here and just ask what sort of study they’re doing . . . but then the other guys showed up, and I’m not about to go invade their Bible Study!

And there is one girl who is sitting to my left with an Izze and her journal.

That’s pretty much the full extent of what has happened since I’ve been here for the past five hours. I really do love this place.

(I did write this on Wednesday evening at the coffee shop–but I’d already posted two other things on the blog yesterday, so I decided to wait to have this published until this morning. Three posts in one day may make my poor little blog go into cardiac arrest. This is a preemptive measure.)

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Evening At The Local Coffee Shop

  1. This sounds like the kind of coffeeshop you would read about in a book. Except a handsome stranger didn’t buy you coffee and then the two of you end up chatting until the place kicked you out, whereupon he walked off with your number and….yeah. That was going nowhere fast. :P Suffice it to say…I love your coffeeshop posts. And if I didn’t know the place actually exists (and has really good coffee to boot!) I would almost accuse you of making everything up.


  2. Grace this is going to sound extremely funny, lol.. But I was writing something and I remembered a quote people at Ellerslie would sometimes say. Something along the lines of “ever always Jesus” or something like that. I remembered that touching me (so much for that since I can’t even remember the exact words, lol) and so wanted so badly to remember so I can write it down. And because, I have OC tendencies and wanted the exact quote, I googled (Im a google person like Im not kidding) “always ever Jesus quote ellerslie” :D I AM NOT KIDDING YOU! And well, the list brought up a few student blogs… I didn’t want to spend too much time on the net so I quickly scrolled down the page looking for those words under the different sites… Yours came up with:

    “Posts about Ellerslie written by Grace. … Don’t forget to sign up for the daily quotes! … special and sweet that I can never figure out how to put it into words. … my favorite semester at Ellerslie has been, and I’ve always deigned to not answer . … the constant and abiding focus on Jesus as the North Star–the …”

    They are a few jumbled phrases but I really liked what I read and so I clicked onto that. For awhile I didn’t realise twas you and after the post where your dad had to leave somewhere and of having a precious new sister, it came to me that this is indeed you, hehe… (bear with me, there is a point to all this, haha)

    This is probably now one of the longest comments you’ve ever had on your blog, but I’m going to unfortunately make it a little longer since I didn’t get the chance to say thank you :D I want to thank you for all that you have done for us students, for the prayers uttered publicly and privately, the dedication to the ministry GOD has placed you in, for the smile that was and will always be on your face (so encouraging and precious). I was so blessed by your testimony (that you shared one morning for devotionals). I am truly excited for you Grace as much as you are for us, the students. Life indeed is never boring with Christ :) Oh what a great and mighty GOD we serve :)

    And I am absolutely thrilled I found your blog! :D

    Oh and if you know which quote I am talking about, I want to let you know that I’d be so happy if you can share it with me, hehe…

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