Sharing what I learn.

I woke up this morning and thought “ugh.”

And then I thought “that’s not a good attitude to wake up with.”

So then I went back to sleep so that I could have a second chance. It was important to me.

A while later I woke up again and thought “ugh.”

It was just one of those mornings.

But, I’m happy to say that I did get a heart-felt smile on my face, climb out of bed, wave at the sun just peeking over the horizon, dash my hair into a pony-tail, and had a very sweet time with the King of kings. And I did not think “ugh” anymore.

None of that is what I intended to come write about today, though.

I actually wanted to come and give you some important things to remember in life that I have learned this week:

1. Do not go to the gym at 10:00pm.

You may find yourself trying to dodge the chappy who keeps waving you down to get you to take your earbuds out so that he can tell you random things. And then he may even get really emotional on you and tell you that it just means so much to him that you and he are at the gym at the same time! Yes, sir, we are. There are also times when you’re at the grocery store at the same time as other people–does that mean a lot to you, too, and make you believe that it “must be fate!”…hmm?

2. Don’t take your blog stats seriously. Particularly the “Search Engine Terms” one.

Someone searched and found my blog by typing the following statement into a search engine: “Grace, you are the one I love!”

Dude, why didn’t you comment, then?

Also, in previous months, people have found my blog by searching the following things (and this is just a small handful):

peanut butter tastes like flowers
hyper shoes
cute earbuds
letter and mailbox from a beautiful mind
watercolor vegetables
pooh snow
циферблат часов (and many other such ones as this)
sad woman on sunset beach photos
i need a miracle prayer for money (don’t we all?)
ye shall laugh
africa chizl socks movies (??)
does the coffee shop in frazier really exist
why norway called dreamland? (I’ve long wondered that myself…)
visit grace’s blog at (ah! Finally! A legitimate one!)

3. Be careful about looking at the cars parked next to you at red lights when they jerk forward a little bit while stopped.

The chappy sitting in the car may go ballistic at you and start screaming and hollering and making all manner of hand gestures, and may possibly even try to hold you up at gun-point. Just sayin’…

4. When trying to bless your brothers by buying them ice cream while you’re at the store, check first to make sure they haven’t already gotten ice cream for themselves.

Because you may end up eating extra…which then would necessitate even more time at the gym. Which then brings us back to point 1.

5. If you are at all OCD about the specificness of numbers, be sure to check your blog post numbers when you’re getting close to a Big Important Number.

Because if you don’t, you may end up having a Big Important Number of blog post (like, your 1,111th blog post, or something) be about elbows. Ask me how I know this.

6. Do not go out in public when you have not had enough sleep.

Just…call your sister, instead. She’ll understand. And laugh in your face.

7. Don’t believe every sob story the chappy at the drive-thru window of McDonalds tells you.

I still don’t know whether I should’ve believed the fellow or not, but the sob story he pulled out was a pretty sketchy one, Dad said. And if I had believed him, and taken pity on him, and he wasn’t actually in the predicament he said he was in…well, he would’ve definitely gotten the better end of the deal. Oh, to be able to believe what people tell you!

8. And, in non-related news, check out the address bar at the top of your browser window. That’s right. Guess who actually now owns the domain “”! So fun. :)

17 thoughts on “Sharing what I learn.

  1. Oh how thorough my comment was. I was going to quote that and say

    BAHAHAHHA.. that made me laugh.

    But now I’ve screwed up my comment. SAD DAY.

    1. Messed up or not, I shall still cherish your comment(s).

      And it WAS important to me. I don’t like to mess these things up, so it’s good to take that extra time out of your day to do things right. And, y’know, get more sleep. ;)

  2. Oh Grace… this made me officially miss you, a lot. And made me smile big, I can totally see you in person sharing all this randomness.
    And it makes me so sad to realize that I didn’t really say goodbye to you. But I suppose that’s alright because according to you I am coming back :)

    …ok, I have done my duty and commented.

    1. Laughter IS good like a medicine, isn’t it? Hope you’re doing well today. Thanks for stopping by, and I’m so glad you got a smile out of it. :D

  3. Hi Grace! I really enjoy your blog! It is a mixture of everything lovely! Seriousness and all around silliness! Once you meet me, you’ll know how silly I am as well! I have a feeling we’ll get along marvelously! ;) This post had me giggling multiple times at it’s cleverness and randomness :)

  4. Oh, Hannah Rose–how fun! I can’t wait to actually MEET you! I’m sure we shall get along fantastically. :D Thanks for commenting!

  5. I’m glad we’re friends. Because really, there are so many other people we could each be friends with, and have never known each other at all. Horrid thought.

    Okay, that didn’t make any sense at all. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. See, it’s good that we’re friends. Someone has to understand my late-night ramblings. *nods gravely*

  6. And there, I’ve totally overlooked commenting about how much I enjoyed this post. ‘Cause I did. Yes. And also, regarding point number four, I’m just a couple blocks over if you ever need help demolishing ice cream. Just sayin’.

    (ahem. providing it’s a good kind)

    1. I shall always remember that I can depend on you when I find myself in such dire circumstances. Really, I’m glad I know you. Where would I be without backup like you? Big. That’s where I’d be.

      And I’m glad we’re friends, too, because you’re so right. We could be friends with all manner of people and not even know each other. And there would always be something missing…and we wouldn’t know what it was.

      I understand your late-night ramblings. And I will always, always listen to them. :D

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