CD. Giveaway. Signed Copies.

It’s that time again!

That’s right.

It’s a lovely morning.

I burst out of the 100 wing door this morning with my arms stretched out wide and yelled “Good morning, world!” to the campus at large.

I’ve gotten several emails that have made me laugh already today.

Rachel is going to make french toast for breakfast.

I’m going to upload the Fall Student page today.

And Ben is in South Africa. (!!)

For all these reasons and more, I’m doing another giveaway!

Aptly enough, I’m going to be doing a BEN ZORNES CD giveaway!

I’m so excited about this CD and this giveaway! And no, it is not just because I’m in the background vocals. ;) Although, Mom does insist that she can pick out my voice specifically–I disagree.

Ben Zornes is on staff here at Ellerslie where I work, and his music has blessed me so, so much. This CD is his Hymns EP, and I have so enjoyed listening to it. He’ll be coming out with a full album with some of his original songs later, and when he does, I’ll do a giveaway with that, too. He ranks up there as one of my favorite song-writers…and it’s not just because I work with him every day! In fact . . . shouldn’t working with someone every day have the opposite effect? That’s how awesome Ben is. I know you’ll love this CD–but if you get the chance you have to come to one of our times of worship in person . . . it’s so much better live. But, the CD is the next best thing!


Comment, tell me something about yourself, subscribe to my blog, share on facebook, share on twitter, and all that fun stuff, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the brand new BEN ZORNES HYMNS EP.

Oh, wait! There’s more.

I’m giving away two! Just like last time.

So, two of you lucky readers (if you comment, subscribe, share, etc) will be getting a brand new CD! Again, the reason I’m so excited about this is not because I’m in the background vocals, but hey . . . it was my one moment of fame.

I think perhaps I shall have a different way of deciding when the giveaway is over this time–although I still can’t imagine that it will run for more than a week. It’d sure be fun to break some records on my Wee Little Blog, though. Records such as…amount of views in one day. Or most comments on one post. Or subscribers. Or something. Wouldn’t that be fun? So, I may pick something such as that, and when it is reached, I’ll draw the winners. Or, I’ll just get too excited and say “The giveaway will be over in FIVE MINUTES!!!!” And then I’ll draw the winners. I like living life on the edge like that.

Also! These CDs are signed copies. Signed by the one-and-only Ben Zornes himself.

Oh, look. There’s Ben….interacting with me. With an oven mitt. And look. There’s Jade in the background being all cute and coy and charming and curtsying. And waving…at the oven mitt. And look. There’s me glaring at the oven mitt. My hair looks weird. (Hi, Drew-in-the-background!)

(If I can get my hands on them, I’ll post some other pictures that relate well to this post later… :) )

18 thoughts on “CD. Giveaway. Signed Copies.

  1. oh Grace, you make me laugh. And I know I’ve only met you once and we didn’t get to talk much, so maybe it’s weird to say I miss you? I want to move to Colorado and be your next door neighbor.

    And this CD giveaway makes me happy. Because I HAVE heard it in person. :)

  2. Hi Grace! I want to be your next door neighbor too! You can just live in between Ruth Ann and I. ;) I officially subscribed, commented, and posted on facebook. I want to win this awesome CD! How exciting it will be to hear in person this fall :)

  3. OK! I was not trying to be cute or coy or charming and I DEFINITELY was not waving at that oven mitt! As for the curtsying part, it’s highly possible, maybe even probable that I did do a random curtsey, for I have been known to do said curtsying at random times….I think. AND now would be a good time to say that I MISS you and next time I may decide to just bring you with me so I don’t have to face the giants alone. You and me, frick and frack…you know that kinda thing. Man, I LOVE you my sweet, awesome, wonderfulest (yes, that is a word…duh) friend!!!!

  4. We sang that Grace song in my church the other day…. You know, the one that people always sing to you because your name is Grace and we’re ALL so original. It made me think of you. :-) And it made me smile. And so does your blog. Keep on bloggin’ on!

  5. Hi Grace! It’s so fun that you’re doing this! I like reading your blog… reminds me of Ellerslie in a way. =) Can’t wait to hear the CD, (whether I win it, :P or just buy it) and your lovely background vocals! ;)

  6. Wait, do I have to comment, AND subscribe AND share AND etc. to enter? In which case, what’s the etc., because I want to make sure I do it to enter.

    Or…wait…do I get extra entries for doing those other things, but this counts as one?

    So confused.

    Wait…that’s just me all over again.

    Grace! I haven’t seen you since…January? Ugh. Horrid.

  7. Hi Grace! I’m already subscribed to your blog, so I’m commenting! :) I’m so looking forward to hearing him in person this fall. Yay! Also just want to say I really like reading your blog! It’s really nice to get to know more about you!

  8. Aha! So she decides to take my advice afterall! Yay for Gracie!

    But let’s clarify things here. Do we have to do all of the above to be elligible, if we already subscribe to your blog and don’t tweet…

  9. (Comment) Hi Grace! I like your giveaways. What Bailey said. :)
    (tell me something about yourself) I’m going right now to play Bunco (Bunko?) with my mom for her first time… not mine! ;) And I got a letter today from my Zambian sponsored child! :D <3
    (subscribe to my blog) Already done! Your posts always make me smile.

  10. Oh, Grace – I love your blog :) It always makes me smile, and/or laugh.
    I’m rather sad (read: miserable face) that I live on the other side of the world! I’d <3 winning a mp3 copy :) that would be lovely… hmm – perhaps that could be another giveaway, or I could find it to buy myself.
    But anyway. Yes. Lovely :) I'm sure whoever wins will be overjoyed!
    If only Australia wasn't so far away, I'd be right there to hold by own copy…

  11. enter for a free cd? of course why not! I’ll consider that fact that you did backgrounds an added touch. :) something about me? i love free stuff! love your blog…you make me smile! thanks for being real!

  12. So….WHO won? Or has anyone won yet?? And I miss you AND you looked STUNNING in that blue dress today. Like, WOW! AND I’m up waaaay too late…wanna know why?? I’m procrastinating cleaning my room….yep:-) Love you!

  13. Grace- We still have not scheduled our meeting time. I just got this epic suitcase and am DYING to have a photo shoot with it…. I got to thinking that you would be AMAZING in a photo shoot such as this. And so, we must get to planning. I’m REALLY flexible with times now that I don’t have a job. And I’ll try not to ignore your comment this time. lol :)

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