Dear Little Girl

Dear Little Girl In The House Up The Street,

I love you. I don’t know your name or how old you are . . . I don’t know your favorite color . . . I don’t know what your favorite kind of candy is, or what your least favorite vegetable is . . . I don’t know whether you’re a tomboy, or would rather play princesses . . . but I love you.

I actually know nothing about you except the fact that you’re beautiful and completely too young to be going through what you’re going through. Any age is the wrong age to be mistreated and unloved–but to see it happening to a young child right in my neighborhood . . . it keeps me awake at night.

I wish I knew what I could do for you, but having searched every corner of my brain for something to do, I’ve come up with nothing except love you from afar and pray for you. So here I am loving you and praying for you. I hope to be able to hug you someday, feed you good food, and play dollies with you.

But, until that day comes–if it ever does, know that there is a girl named Grace down the street from you who is loving you from afar. And that if she ever gets a chance to help you out of that horrible situation, she would risk life and limb to save you from what you’re going through.

I love you, dear little girl. So much.

With arms aching to hold you,

3 thoughts on “Dear Little Girl

  1. Mmmmm, the Lord really burdened my heart for this girl as I read your post. This brought me to tears, and my heart aches for her even though all I know about her is what you wrote. Praying for you, and praying for her even now. Love you, Grace!

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