Autumn, how I love thee.

There have been numerous times over the past several days that I have wanted to sit down and write. And write. And write. But then, when I sit down at my computer . . . the truth comes out.

I’d really much rather just sit and read this blog: Enchanted Whimsy.

It can’t be denied.

In other news, I don’t have to have surgery!

Oh…you didn’t know there was a possibility of me needing surgery? There was. But I don’t need it now! I’m very thankful. I’m also very thankful that I am at a point where I’m not spending most of my day working from my bed.

Oh…you didn’t know that I had been spending nearly every day working from my bed? Well, I was. But I’m nearly all better now! I’m very thankful.

It really has been a rough couple weeks of it as far as physical health goes, but . . . it’s been a wonderful couple weeks as far as everything else goes! God is good, all the time. And I’m more enraptured by Him each day!

The leaves are turning orange. The air is crisp. Doves sit outside our kitchen window and coo at each other in the morning. Mist rises from the lake across the fence at dawn. Grace drags herself out of bed to the kitchen to cook and bake all manner of things.

All these things prove that Autumn Is Here!

Autumn being here has given me the biggest hankering to try new things–new recipes, especially, this year. And the urge to get my camera out is back in a big way! Expect lots of pictures from me in the near future….I hope. I’m ready to get back into photography again.

And, on that note, I’m off to have lunch with the sweet, adorable, wonderful girl behind the blog I mentioned earlier. That one I’d rather just sit and read? Mhmm…I get to have lunch with her.

Oh, and PS: She thinks she has the best job in the world. She does. But, I do, too! Because . . . our jobs are quite similar. So, I can claim to have the best job, too. But really, we seriously have the best jobs ever–and we’re co-workers! (That’s a weird term for it, eh, Jade? We’re co-workers. I’d prefer not to think of us like that, though. We’re kindred spirits through and through.)

2 thoughts on “Autumn, how I love thee.

  1. I just simply love and adore you. And I whole heartedly agree that you have the best job in the world too:-D Co-workers is weird….co-kindreds is waaaay better.

  2. This post makes me happy. Especially because I’ve been haunting your blog for an update, and then here it was. :) I do hope you get your camera out soon…you know I love your photography, right? Also…I’m with you on the new recipes. We need to have a big old baking day sometime very soon.

    loves you!

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