All In A Day’s Work

I thought I might do a more down-to-earth post here with some little insights into what normal life looks like for me.

These are things which have become “normal” in my life because of my job*:

  • Packing a picnic lunch for 110+ people
  • Going shopping and filling no less than three flatbed carts
  • Getting several copies made of 80+ keys
  • Buying 10 shower curtains at a time
  • Ordering 40 pizzas
  • Feeling like having 200 still-needing-to-be-answered emails is being “caught up on emails”
  • Answering 100s of questions a day, ranging from “Do you think Job was really literally a perfect man?” to “Where is the vacuum?”
  • Buying 8-10 36-roll packs of toilet paper. Every two weeks.
  • All the sudden realizing that I have spent 7 consecutive hours at Panera working on things. Several days in a row.
  • …and I’m sure there are many other things which have simply become so normal that I can’t even think of what they might be right now.


*I really can’t even call what I do a “job”, because it’s pretty much my life. And if I were to call it a job, I would have to say that it is the Best Job Ever. How many people can say that they get to stop in the middle of a work day and play Duck, Duck, Goose with sweet Ethiopian and Honduran kiddos? How many people get to hang out with the coolest people ever every single day? How many people can say that they love their job so much that they wished they still lived on site? (I say “still” because I did live on site for a year a and a half, and now I miss it.) How many people can say that they get to see extraordinary revival happening in the lives of those around them absolutely every day they go to “work”? How many people get to stop in the middle of their “work day” and have an intense prayer meeting with their “co-workers”?

Mhmm. I love what I do.

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