Of Kelsey and France

I spent last evening perusing airline websites for tickets to France.

Yes, I did.

I didn’t buy one, but they were remarkably cheaper than I thought they would be, and I went to bed with happy, swirling thoughts of world-travel, Kelsey, and some specific dates in my head.

I took French classes a few years ago, and absolutely loved it. I’ve long had a desire to go visit France, love the French people, hone my French skills (which are pretty much null and void at this point), drive through the countryside, and perhaps do a few very classic touristy things.

Because of this love of France, I have been living vicariously through Kelsey ever since she left for France in September. I love that girl dearly, and have been so blessed, inspired, and encouraged by her love of Jesus and her heart for the dear people of France.

Look for me on your doorstep in February, Kelsey, with 7 suitcases, 9 hatboxes, a few burgeoning shopping bags, a poodle, and a to-go cup of tea.

3 thoughts on “Of Kelsey and France

  1. Lol! Sounds like an amazing trip Grace! I love your last sentence-made me smile inside and out! :) Miss you sister/friend! <3

  2. Aw shucks. I can’t believe you wrote a post about me.

    I would love to see you on my doorstep with all of those things! And I would especially love to do classic touristy things with you in-between our times of loving and hanging out with real, live French people. And maybe if we’re lucky, we can do touristy things WHILE loving French people. So. Much. Fun.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Grace. Love ya!

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