Snow-Ridden Ramble

I’m up late tonight. But I have a very lovely and perfect reason for staying up late–I received a letter from my King, and I have been pouring over it and reveling in His every nuance, phrase, and promise. Promises that are true and unbreakable.

Also, on this late night, I am enjoying the soft snow falling outside the window. The weathermen are calling for anywhere from 4-12 inches tonight. To be perfectly honest, I’m hoping for a whole big pile to fall on our sleepy little town tonight while we all dream.

Instead of going to sleep and letting the snow pile up outside right now, though, I would very much rather go for a snow-ridden ramble. I want to pile on the scarf, coats, mittens, boots, and cozy hat and go for a crunchy, frosty-breathed walk out in the quiet snowflakes. And then when I returned, I would curl up in my snowman blanket, wrap my fingers about my favorite green mug full of hot-chocolate (with marshmallows!), and stare wistfully into the fire.

And I would ponder things. So many things.

I would ponder why flames are so many lovely colors. And how much work it seems must go into each and every snowflake–which is why snow is so special. And where do words come from? And I would ponder what exactly it is that makes some people kindred spirits. And what if I’m actually not real? What if I’m actually the result of some sweet girl’s imagination as she sits in front of the fire?

I love snowy evenings. And I love the fire that is burning wistfully in the hearth across from me. And I love the letter from my Beloved that will be waiting next to my pillow when I wake in the morning.

Good night, dear ones! Much love to you.

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