I’ve made a decision.

I’m going to be taking a big and hard step on my blog.

This decision will affect the entire future of this blog, and perhaps even my life.


I feel compelled to step out and move away from the direction I’ve been moving in, and move in the complete opposite direction. Away from all I’ve been comfortable with. Away from all this is easy. Away from all that is lovely and inspiring.

I am going to move in the direction of only using pictures on my blog that I have personally taken myself. I’ve used a lot of pictures taken from around the interwebs that I have found to be inspiring . . . but I really think that I should try to move away from that and use ones that I’ve taken personally. It will probably cause less problems in the future. *nod*

So, now you can assume, unless otherwise obviously noted, that any pictures you see from here-on-out on this blog are pictures specifically taken by me.

And hey, perhaps this will get me out of my comfort zone with my photography . . . and that can only be a good thing.

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