Winter’s Delight

I popped out of bed this morning at a little before 5:30.

I knew the Master Artist had been at work in the quiet hours of the night as the town lay sleeping peacefully. Making sure each snowflake was absolutely perfect and enchanted, piling a little more over there, sprinkling some snow dust on that perfectly formed tree branch, blowing the snow into the corners of the window panes just so, and perching the cozy cap of whiteness perfectly atop the lone street-lamp.

My breath caught as I hurried up the stairs to the largest window in the house. I was so full of expectation, I could hardly stand it. Oh! I felt like I was 5 years old again!

And then, there it was. I was sure I had been transported to a different land entirely. The world, in the haziest of early morning lights, lay perfectly still around me, wrapped in the coziest blanket of snow, whispering to me the secrets of the seasons. Sweet and perfect secrets which I in the past have been too busy to stop and listen to. Secrets of beauty and peace.

My hands found themselves cupped over my mouth in absolute delight. What a perfect morning this was!

I finally pulled myself away from my winter daydreams, set the teapot on the stove, lit the fire, and sought out my Best Friend. Thank you, Jesus, for mornings like this!

(You can expect lots more posts out of me regarding snow. I’m reveling in it to the fullest.)

(Also, no the pictures are not ones that I took…I stole them from

4 thoughts on “Winter’s Delight

  1. Oh…. wow. I’m gulping my jealousy. Waking up to snow is one of my most favorite things. And sadly it has happened only a couple of times in my life, as I live in Texas :P.
    I know you are enjoying it to it’s fullest, but please enjoy it a little extra for me… a girl who longs for winter and the delights of snow. and misses you too much.

  2. What a joy it is to not only read this post and enjoy the way you so wonderfully put words together, but to actually know what you are talking about! Last night, I felt like a little girl trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. I knew that snow was coming down and that I’d awake to a winter wonderland. :-) Since I live in North Carolina, snow is such a rare treat for me. And I have NEVER seen snow in OCTOBER! The Master Artist has stolen my heart with what He’s done here in Windsor, Colorado. It is amazing to see how white and bright the snow is and to know He has washed me WHITER THAN SNOW!!

    By the way, I was so, so blessed by your devotional this morning. I took like two pages of notes. I relate to David in so many ways in how he had intimacy with the Lord and then knew what he was missing when he was living in sin. That’s how I feel about my life and that’s what the Lord used to bring me back to Him…knowing the life I had and could have again IN HIM.

    I could go on, but that is all for now. ;-)

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