“Our oil is your oil.” -Riss

“Well, y’know how on the major holidays you want to have a sweetheart? Like on . . . Christmas, or New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day . . . or Cinco De Mayo.” -Riss

“It’s like having an earthquake in your nose.” -Grace

“I’m an emo-healer!” -Grace

“I have used ‘haha’ enough times tonight that I’m nearly twitching. haha.” -Grace
“haha” -Abby
“haha!” -Abby
“haha” -Grace

“Man. You see through me like I’m a ….crystal goblet (a goblet which is NOT etched, contrary to most crystal goblets, because if I was etched you could not see through me well at all. I would reflect light in your face and blind you if I was etched.)” -Grace

(I found this draft from waaaaaaay back on my blog. From over year ago. I laughed my way through it, and have no idea what the context of most of them is at all, but…still found them rather funny. And then I added this last one that happened just last evening as my roommate and I were preparing to retire for the night.)

“You know, Rachel, there are just going to be some scary things that will happen to you in life.” -Grace
“Like your hair?” -Rachel

2 thoughts on “Quotes

  1. Aww!! Happy memories. I can’t remember the circumstances for any of those. Haha. haha. But I know there were happy memories attached. And I am heading off to work smiling today. And I’m going to text you.

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