The Weekend

This is one of those days where I just want to write and write and write….and yet the words just don’t come.

Am I to let such a piddly thing as that stop me from writing, though? Never.

I went on a roadtrip with my Jade the other day (yes, MY Jade.) up into the mountains to her family’s house to pick up her younger brother and bring him back with us. It was a lovely trip–we told stories, laughed heartily, sat in silence, read aloud from an Elisabeth Elliot book, careened around corners at high speeds, made pit stops, got a hearty dinner at her parents house, picked up her brother, got a lesson in the “cool lingo” of the day (“dude, that is so nuclear!”), listened to random music, told more stories, laughed a lot more, careened around more corners at high speeds, and made it safely back in one piece.

Well, technically I guess we made it back in three pieces, since there were three of us.

And then on Sunday afternoon Jade, her brother (Charlie), and I, and a couple other folks went mini-golfing at Charlie’s request. It ended with a trip to Spooners and an impromptu concert at the outdoor piano–put on by yours truly and Jade . . . complete with some epic dancing on the sidewalk by Charlie, David (one of our interns), and Stephen (one of the young boys from church).

Charlie is such a sweet kid, and it was so fun to spend a weekend hanging out with him.

 I hope you realize, Jade, that I’m claiming him as my little brother, too, and you shall now have to share him for the rest of your life. And his. ;)

One thought on “The Weekend

  1. I just really and truly love you. Yep, I do. AND I think you’re HIGHLY exaggerating the whole “careening around corners at high speeds” thing. True story;-) Ha! Also, I will whole heartedly share Charlie with you for the rest of my life and his:-)

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