(Ellerslie Chapel – photo not taken by me)


Each new semester at Ellerslie brings with it something so special and sweet that I can never figure out how to put it into words. This is probably why I don’t write much about it, even though it’s one of the biggest things happening in my life.

There just aren’t really words.

Some people ask me what my favorite semester at Ellerslie has been, and I’ve always deigned to not answer. But now I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t answer it. Or . . . if I do answer, it’s generally something along the lines of “the current one”. It’s true–at any given moment, my favorite semester of Ellerslie is the current one (or the latest one, if we aren’t currently in session).

This semester is no different. I love this semester.

There have been difficulties, there have been misunderstandings, there have been things that have to be worked through publicly–but all of these things have brought about an even greater sweetness. A closeness of fellowship. A deeper love for each individual as we all throw ourselves individually and collectively at the feet of our Saviour in acknowledgement of our own neediness and unworthiness.

I look around at the faces of each of these students here right now, and I am filled with such a love for each one of them. What a blessing and honor to spend each and every day with people whose heart’s one desire is to know Jesus more and more each day!

A Smattering Of Things I Love About Ellerslie:

  • gaining approximately 60-70 new siblings every semester
  • fellowship and laughter together at the meal tables
  • learning to be in the presence of God every moment of every day–whether through specific prayer times, or while doing the dishes. Continually practicing the presence of God.
  • the times of worship through singing every morning in the little chapel
  • iron sharpening iron
  • afternoons in the Everitt Center–playing music, talking, laughing, and drinking tea
  • the fact that picking up 3 6-foot subs at once at Subway is “normal”
  • lunch tables where all we do is talk about the greatness of our God and the way He has shown Himself great in our lives personally
  • interacting daily with a whole group of people who love Jesus more than life itself
  • spontaneous volleyball and ultimate frisbee games
  • the epic student life activities (I’m not going to give anything away here, because I know future students read this blog….but believe me, we’ve got some great ones!)


  • the constant and abiding focus on Jesus as the North Star–the compass point by which we are to live our lives, every moment of every day!

2 thoughts on “Ellerslie

  1. Don’t do this to me Grace! I miss Ellerslie… beyond words. You have no idea how much of think of you all and the place that is very dear to my heart, and pray for this semester. But I praise God for where I am right now and all the joys & lessons which the present holds. And I expectantly look forward to the next page which He is writing (and thrilled that it very *very* likely will include EALT :-).

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