New Year Resolutions – a look back

This was originally posted last January 5th.

(Disclaimer: this post is significantly less serious than the last few posts I’ve done here . . . )

New Year’s Resolutions. People love them and hate them. Some people embrace them as a way to start over. Others shun them and say they’re dumb. Still others want to make them, but know that they’ll fail and feel even worse about themselves than they did before.

Me? I’ve never really been the New Year Resolution type. Sure, I have goals and resolutions, but I’d be just as apt to start them on October 19th as on January 1st.

This year, though, I decided I’d try it out–all the other cool kids are doing it.

So, without further ado, I present to you my Resolutions of 2011.

  • I will not get killed by giant turtles
  • I will sing louder
  • I will remember to brush my teeth with the bristly end of the toothbrush
  • I will wear shoes more often (the “more often” leaves things’s all relative, you see)
  • I will check my email
  • I will not put table knives into outlets
  • I will give at least 4 hugs
  • I will drive on the correct side of the road (even though that’s more boring)
  • I will aim for at least 1.3 push-ups a day
  • I will not use “password” or “hello” for all of my passwords

I’ll check back in with you next January to let you know how things went this year!


So, here I am checking back in to let you know how I’ve done on my resolutions. I actually think I’ve done a fairly good job this year!

  • I was NOT killed by giant turtles. It came close a few times, but I survived.
  • I definitely sang louder. Just ask the other people who had the misfortune of choosing the same stores as I did to grocery shop in.
  • Check. Remember to brush my teeth with the proper end of the tooth brush. And hey, 21 days of doing something every day forms a habit–so, this isn’t something I should have to worry about any more!
  • Wearing shoes more often. Well . . . I may have failed at this one. It was 17* last night and I was out feeding the chickens and breaking the ice of the horse’s water in my flip flops–and that is fairly representative of the whole year.
  • I definitely checked my email. Like, 2 million times.
  • I didn’t put ANY knives in outlets! Be proud of me. And hey, my hair is STILL curly.
  • 4 hugs. Was that 4 hugs a day or 4 hugs in the entire year? Well, either way, I definitely did this. Well, perhaps I didn’t give 4 hugs EVERY DAY. But there were some days were I got approximately 80 hugs, so…that should cover all the bases, right?
  • Driving on the correct side of the road? Well . . . *sheepish* . . . most of the time? Heh.
  • 1.3 pushups a day? Getting up from off the floor where I fell each day when completely exhausted totally counts as a pushup, so yes…
  • Well, my bank account, Facebook, blog, and email all got hacked in the last year, so I’ve gone fairly defensive on the password front. NO one can get into my stuff now! Not even me . . . . heh. “hello” was so much easier to remember than random smatterings of numbers and letters which were the result of me “headbashing” on my keyboard and then copy/pasting. :P

How did YOU do on your resolutions this year?

5 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions – a look back

  1. just today, I was thinking it was time for another “Grace” post. :)
    I did terrible on my resolutions, I don’t think I’ve gotten a single one done…dear me. But, I think I shall try again and see if I do better this year.

  2. Those resolutions are something else… glad you did so well on them. :) I didn’t do so well on mine since most of my plans involved me not moving out of state to go to Ellerslie… but other than almost all of them, they went great! And overall the year was better than I could have planned for myself, God is masterful in the way He works things together for His purposes!

  3. Grace, this made me laugh so hard. :)

    I like your resolutions. I shall have to make some of my own this year like those.
    1) I shall not trip…ever. *cough
    2) I shall abstain from chocolate *guaranteed fail
    3) I shall sing like no one’s listening (that could be painful…)

    Thanks for brightening our day with your random musings, dear Grace~

  4. Oh Grace, this was so fun :) And I’m dreadfully glad that you weren’t killed by turtles. . .that would have been unfortunate to say the least :) Are you planning on keeping that on the list again this year?

  5. Oh, another person on this planet who just survived almost being killed by giant turtles! I thought I was the only one! :)

    I’ve never done this new years resolutions/goals thing before but I’ve given it a crack this year for 2012… we’ll wait and see how that goes! Check back in with me in December…

    May your year be supremely blessed!


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