His Little Feet

(the link to the sponsor page was the wrong one earlier…I fixed it now.)

I’ve written about them in the past, and they still grip my heart to this day.

It’s been a few weeks since our last international children’s choir went back to their countries. It was a heart-wrenching time of saying goodbye, but oh! what peace and joy came in knowing that each one of these precious hearts was in surrender to their King as they were being sent back into the world as shining lights of TRUTH!

I heard an update about them this past weekend, and tears welled up again. Oh, precious children, you will never be forgotten!

The choir this time was a group of children from Honduras and Ethiopia. Oh my . . . be still my heart. I’ve heard that one of the little girls from Ethiopia is back in her orphanage and spends all of her time ministering to those around her–staff, children, everyone she comes in contact with. This little girl has a precious heart of service and love for those around her. Oh, sweet girl!

Another is on fire for the Lord and hasn’t been able to stop telling everyone he meets there in Ethiopia about Him. It puts me to shame that I’m not that willing to tell those I meet about the One I claim means the most to me. Thank you for your devotion, passion, and surrender, dear young man–God has already used you in mighty ways!

Two brothers that came together have taken it upon themselves to teach their whole orphanage back in Ethiopia the whole song and dance routine from their concerts. They’re taking it very seriously and really pouring into these children’s lives. What precious hearts these young boys have!

What an honor to get to live on the same campus as these precious children each year. To love them, to hold them, to tuck them in at night and hear their prayers . . . to pour the love of Jesus into children from all over the world!

Not ten minutes ago, I signed up for the His Little Feet 5k Walk/Run to help raise money for this upcoming choir from India and Ethiopia. The staff at HLF have invited the students/staff/interns here at the Ellerslie campus to help them in raising a certain amount that they need to be able to bring in this next group of little ones. I have a page to help them raise this amount, and I’d love for you to be able to participate, too! If you’re local, you should definitely consider joining in on the actual 5k Run–much fellowship, laughter, water, singing, and fresh air is to be had in copious amounts. If you’re not local, there is an option on that page I just linked to to help sponsor a runner–me! …well, actually, I guarantee I will not be running. I will be walking. ;) …

I’ve never done anything like this on my blog before, but I so love the passion for the Lord that this ministry has the way the Lord is using them to touch the lives of hundreds of children and adults throughout the world. I’m friends with the directors of HLF, and their lives have deeply impacted mine and have constantly driven me to the feet of my Saviour. So honored to know them!
Again, please visit this link to donate and sponsor me as a runner/walker and reach out to these precious children!

His Little Feet Sponsor Donation Page

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