A Day to Laugh – link sharing!

Everyday is a good day to laugh, right? That’s my motto, anyway. I spend a lot of time laughing.

It’s also a good day to meet someone new and check out an exciting blog that’s just about to launch, right?

(hint: the answer is “yes”.)

Great! Let’s get started. (Ellerslie students, you will especially appreciate this)

In this one little link, you will:

  • come face-to-face with a great blog that is officially launching in just two days–sneak peek!!
  • (don’t forget to sign up for the quotes!!)
  • meet one of my fellow staff members at the ministry where I work
  • get insider information on some legends floating around out there
  • laugh

Who has an obsession with the paper products aisle at Target? Who has the loudest laugh in the land? Who never sleeps nor slumbers?

Well, I suggest you find out by popping on over to Nathan Johnson’s blog.

Don’t forget to sign up for the daily quotes! It’s seriously one of the best things to hit my email inbox each day.

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