One Year Later

One year ago this week, I got really sick. Throughout the year, I’ve only gotten worse physically. It’s *hard* to live one day to the next right now.

“But! I don’t like to think about it in those terms. I don’t like to think about most things in the way that us earthly beings normally think about things… ;) God’s way of thinking is much better! So, instead I dwell on the fact that I’ve had a year of intense training of what it is to be utterly dependent on God for every step of the way. I’ve had a year of getting to clearly see HIS strength, because I have none of my own, and yet each day is a miracle when I can get out of bed and function somewhat normally. I’ve had a year of learning what it is to glorify God in every aspect of my life, regardless of situation or how *I* think my life should look.”

(I wrote the above in an email to a blog reader, and it was such a joy to realize the beauty that comes even in such hard times as these. Thank you, Jesus!)

6 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. Beautiful perspective! Chronic illness is hard. I’ve been sick for 3 years, but God has used it in my life in the most astounding of ways! It is almost certain that I would never have met my husband had I not been sick. :) I am so thankful for the way our loving Lord gives beauty for ashes! Keep looking to Him! <3

  2. Grace I just praise Jesus for your life. Thank you for sharing with us what you have. Will continue to pray for you! Psalm 62:1-2

  3. Hi Grace,

    My name is Rebecca. I came across your blog around this time last year. I checked back about once a month, thinking that you would post an update. It’s been a year now, and may I ask with the concern of a sister in Christ: how are you doing? Maybe it’s odd to want to know what happened to someone you’ve never met, but I do find myself wondering. I’ve even found myself praying for you when the Lord brought you to mind.

    I am thankful for your attitude toward what you are going through–Christ in others is such a wondrous thing to behold.

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